I’m excited to announce that I will be launching an epic short film on FRIDAY FEB 20th @ MIDNIGHT.

In 1989 Bob Lazar revealed to the public that he studied an Alien propulsion system for the U.S. Military at a secret base near the infamous Area 51. Experience a glimpse into the personas surrounding the most infamous UFO case of all time.

GEORGE KNAPP (Peabody Award winning Investigative Journalist) broke the story in an attempt to assure the safety of LAZAR. Being a Cosmic Whistleblower has its price... if you're not careful.

LAZAR has been vetted for over 25 years. His story has not changed, altered, or become more elaborate. LAZAR is telling YOU the truth. It's up to you what you DO with that information. The implications derived from his experiences are just starting to be realized.

History will be made, WEAPONIZE YOUR CURIOSITY!

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell


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Artist, filmmaker and mixed-martial athlete.

Corbell has a passion for all things extra-ordinary.